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The King is doing pics this year ! 2012-13 THERE COMING SOON!2012-13!!

2013 Pictures Coming Soon!| | | | | | New Pics 2013| 2013 Old Pics| Kings Cams|
1-19-13| 1-20-13| /

I am updating the site. THANKS EVERYONE!
Enjoy our site, enjoy the hunt. Ya Dig?
Marley King - Artemis The Huntress & Arrow

This Site is dedicated to the St.Paul Pioneer Press Winter Carnival Medallion Hunt, and The Cooler Crew community. This site is a work in progress and any feedback, suggestions, and contributions would be appreciated. Please Sign our Guest Book
Enjoy our site, enjoy the hunt. Ya Dig?
Marley King and Artemis The Huntress & Arrow

Don't forget to check out the Cooler Crew website. The ultimate treasure hunters resource! Thanks to Ares, Greg Sax , MarleyKing, Artemis, Arrow and the many volunteers for keepin it up!

The 15th Annual Pre-Dig Gig on Saturday, January 19, 2013

Coolerheads will Prevail IN 13!!!!!!



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